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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Toad Tales

So I think it would be worth it if I would take some time to write something for you for my blog.  As you know I had a stroke. I was in the hospital - then I was at home and thought I was all right.  I could read and write it was fine.  I was in the hospital for less than a week.

I counted myself to be fortunate.

How could I be so lucky?   Well I wasn't quite lucky enough.  I had to go to the hospital again and this time I could not write and I couldn't  read fluently and I have more problems talking.

I work three times a week with a speech therapist and because I am Home Bound Medicare only lets me to go to doctor's only. - Actually with the weather being so crappy I don't much have to be at home.  I am sure that will change when the weather gets better.

December was not a great month.  However I am slowly getting better and I am able to type and while have to start over and back things is better I can see progress and was able finish reading a novel (The Help).

It is an interesting process and I can even even spell some words which are more difficult (but I do make frequent of spell checker).
If it I say the word out loud I am able to type it out and that makes the word flow to the paper.  I can also write in cursive also.  I had no problem with the signature.  It is difficult at sometimes.

I am getting that I am tired right now and some of what I wrote was more difficult.  But I will tried to do more next time.  At least I got there something to let you know about it.  And I found some other things to share.

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