Friday, October 30, 2015

Found For Friday

Jane and Arlene are outside their nursing home, having a drink and a smoke, when it starts to rain. Jane pulls out a condom, cuts off the end, puts it over her cigarette, and continues smoking.
Arlene: What in the hell is that?
Jane: A condom. This way my cigarette doesn't get wet.
Arlene: Where did you get it?
Jane: You can get them at any pharmacy.
The next day, Arlene hobbles herself into the local pharmacy and
announces to the pharmacist that she wants a box of condoms.
The pharmacist, obviously embarrassed, looks at her kind of strangely (she is, after all, over 80 years of age), but very delicately asks what size, texture, brand of condom she prefers.
'Doesn't matter Sonny, as long as it fits on a Camel.'
The pharmacist fainted.

Vampires are always looking for their necks victim.

My daughter asked me if I was having fun doing the laundry. I replied, 'Loads.'

My parents had back to back appointments at the chiropractor.

I'm struggling to catch my breath while I'm struggling to lose my breadth.

A farmer brought a bucket of milk to church so it could be pastorized.

When artists dream in color it's a pigment of their imagination.

I saw an ad on Craigslist that said, "Television for sale, $1. Volume control stuck on full." I thought to myself, "I can't turn that down."

'Because' is a word to the whys.

Missionaries like open hooded cars because they are convertible

What did the grape say when it was crushed?
Nothing - it just let out a little wine.
(Works better aurally than visually

Why don't witches like to ride their brooms when they're angry?
They're afraid of flying off the handle.

Hanging out with skyscraper builders is so boring! It's story after story.

Pencils could be made with erasers at both ends, but what would be the point?

Einstein developed a theory about space, and it was about time too.

My new theory on inertia doesn't seem to be gaining momentum.

The dead batteries were given out free of charge.

Bonus Findings

Vampires must use mouthwash because they have bat breath.

Ghosts never take sides in an argument because they are super neutral.

Why do mummies make excellent spies?
They're good at keeping things under wraps.

What do skeletons say before they begin dining?
Bone appetite!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Toad Tuesday


Published on Oct 16, 2015
Anyone who has ever heard whispers of this sanctuary in Serbia knows what a magical place it is. This amazing haven is home to 450 rescued dogs. But this is no ordinary rescue center. What's most incredible is not just the number of dogs who live here, but the WAY they live.

Rather than being warehoused in cages and kennels, the dogs here PLAY all day long. They experience joy, good food and human kindness - often for the very first time.

The cost of care for each dog here is $15 a month, yet we only have sponsors for 88 dogs. Please, please will some of you help us? The Harmony Fund, a USA registered charity, is soley responsible for maintaining the sanctuary and the monthly costs of feeding the dogs. We can't reduce the dogs' food intake for lack of donations and we certainly can't pick and choose which dogs eat. With winter coming, we hope to stockpile some food. This is one charitable investment that will bring you nothing but happiness.


ATTENTION MEDIA: If you are sharing our video on your site, PLEASE, please, please credit the Harmony Fund and include a link to our donation page for the dogs here you for your professionalism.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Now This! (again?)

Molly (and Sadie) on Monday

 Molly here,
      There are a lot of pictures that B G took of us.  Cassie was hiding and he did not take any pictures of her.

We didn't get to go anywhere this week and Nobody came to visit us.  B G did go to the store and he went to a meeting but all in all it was not as good as last week.

We like to check out the perimeter and talk to the bugs and we have to make sure that the neighbor can come over to bark.

Soon the leaves will be gone and we will have to watch after the neighbors..

We also look all over the grass to make sure there aren't too many weeds out there.

The leaves were starting to fall..BG says that is why it called Fall..

Sometimes we make Sadie sit in the corner.. Because she forgets.  In this case she had muddy feet.

This is our " gimme a treat" face.

 We are patient and usually he gives us one. Treat that is.

I am ready for my close-up Mr DeMille.

B G finally gave us our treats.

Then we went outside again.

We go in and a lot.  B G always lets out.  We are patient here also.

Thanks for coming to see us.  Woof!