Thursday, March 31, 2016

Night Music

Throwback Thursday

Edwards Elementary School
Grade 6
Row 1 ~ Lena Villanueva, Amy Bungert, Katie, Sayles, Kathy Haga, Mark Anderson,  Katherine Anderson, Amy Aballantine-Patton, Sara Niemanald
Row 2 ~ Brian Nelton, Daniel Roberts, Philip Maixner, Roozbeh Ghaffarzadeh, Elik Lingren, Benton Veverka, Aaron Hagen
Row 3 ~ David Knapp, Bree Newton, Neda Golchin, Maria Zielinski, Tony Edwards, Jeff Roske
Row 4 ~ Carly Evans, Sierra Grewell, Chong Tran, Cherie White

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Night Music,

Poetry Break

The Green Has Returned

can you hear it?

The Green has returned
accompanied by daffodils -
dogtooth violets, Dutchman’s britches, and baby lambs.

The Green has returned
and brought with it
blue skies, clouds, gentle rain and thunderstorms!

The Green has returned
resurrected from Winter’s cold sleep
leaping up to celebrate life.

It slipped around the corner -- sneaking up on us -quietly whistling a little tune to say ”I’m baaack!”


Monday, March 28, 2016

Night Music,

Molly and Todd on Monday

Molly here,

  B G did not take many pictures.  Todd is still being camera shy so BG has to sneak around to get a picture of him.  But I have some. This is one of us looking out the window.  We do this a lot.

BG took a picture of me but Todd photo bombed me.

That is OK he got another one for my close-up

Then this is where he goes when BG is taking pictures.  Todd has licked up all  the varnish on the table leg.  At least he was't chewing on it.

 We had a Thunderstorm.  Usually when we have a storm I go under BG's foot rest.

This time I got under Todd's safe place and this is what we did..  BG says we were cowering...

I don't know what Cowering is.  I know what COWs are.  BG says that is where we get milk.

He is silly sometimes.

This is Todd looking out the window.  BG got the camera out and then all of sudden there was a new person in the back yard.  Molly joined me and we both watched him go by.  BG says it was the gas (or the water) guy...

Sometimes we go outside.  There are squirrels and birds and the neighbor dog to see.  And the little kids.  Todd barks at them and so  times I do also.  BG does not bark.

 Todd still likes to chew.  This is another of his toys he has destroyed.

But his favorite is to chew on the sticks that the little brat tosses over the fence.  That does not make BG happy.  Oh well.

Have a nice week.  Woof!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Night Music


 "Were I to be the founder of a new sect, I would call them Apiarians, and, after the example of the bee, advise them to extract the honey of every sect."  - Thomas Jefferson

It is not our job to remain whole.
We came to lose our leaves
Like the trees, and be born again,
Drawing up from the great roots.
-- Robert Bly

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.  
Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.  
Let reality be reality.  
Let things flow naturally forward
in whatever way they like.


“Be universal in your love. You will see the universe to be the picture of your own being.”
― Sri Chinmoy

We all have different faces, characters and names. If God wanted us to be all same, He would have done it. Not to respect the differences, to accuse the others for our faults is not to respect God.
~ Shams

“We have within ourselves as a species, to find the beauty in everything. And once we master it, we will then be some of the gentlest creatures that ever evolved.”
― Tom Althouse

The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.
~ Rumi

“As the flower blooms in spring, compassion grows in mindfulness.”
― Amit Ray

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.
- George Bernanos

"A traveller I am, and a navigator, and everyday I discover a new region within my soul."
- Kahlil Gibran

Friday, March 25, 2016

Night Music

Found For Friday

 Sister Mary burst into the office and cries, “Father, just wait until you hear this!”

“Calm down, Sister Mary. Now tell me what has you so excited?”
“Well, Father, I was on my way to chapel when I heard some of the older boys wagering!”
“A serious infraction, indeed!” said the priest.
“But that’s not what made me so excited, Father. It was what they were wagering on! They were betting to see who could urinate the highest on the wall!”
“Incredible!” exclaimed the priest, “What did you do?”
She said, “Father, I hit the ceiling!”
He mused, “So how much did you win?

 As soon as the hospital made me put on one of those little gowns, I knew the end was in sight.

Is it true that exits are on the way out? 

Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd break into a distillery.
Daffy asks, "Issss thissss whissskey?
Elmer replies, "Yes, but not as whiskey as wobbing a bank.

Why do all Marxists drink imitation tea? 
Because all proper tea is theft.

I watched a documentary on how ships are put together.
It was riveting.

I deleted all the German people from my phone. Now it's Hans free.

I gave away all my dead batteries.
Free of charge.

What's the worst thing about ancient history class?
The teachers tend to Babylon.

An architect knows how to make a long storey short.

That wedding was extremely emotional. Even the cake was in tiers.

When the gastroenterolgist retired, he threw in the bowel.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Night Music

Throwback Thursday

Edwards Elementary School
1990 -91
Ames, Iowa
Grade 6

Row 1 ~ Ronda Qvale. Sean Gleeson, Nicole Thompson, Natalie Deiter, Kristen Schader, Matt Heintz, Brian Fliehler
Row 2 ~Ryan Rathert. Shaun Rients, Eric Wick, Chris Roen, Shawn McCormick, Phillp Duple, Denny Mac Donald, Joshua Watts
Row 3 ~ Bobby Ross, Jay Dougan, Wang Xiang, Jon Coy, Elizabeth Saunders, Franklyn Trumpy
Row 4 ~ Luke Ashburn, Christine Goodrich, Stephanie Wiegand, Emily Hawkins, Nga Tran, Bilal Mughal, Matt Boe

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Night Music,

Poetry Break

Something New

PARIS, France (AP) -- Divers have discovered a new crustacean in the South Pacific that resembles a lobster and is covered with what looks like silky, blond fur, French researchers said Tuesday.

They keep discovering new things
Hidden in the world

This time it is a blond lobster
It has been off somewhere “having more fun.”

Our world is full of “wonderful things”
What a joy to find something new.

I wonder what it tastes like????


Uploaded on Sep 19, 2011
Not a new story but worth watching again and again! So amazingly touching - the story of Shirley and Jenny, two crippled elephants reunited at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee after a 22-year separation. The bonding was immediate, intense and unforgettable between the two former circus elephants.

Jenny and Shirley were both at the same circus when Jenny was a calf and Shirley was in her twenty's. They lived one winter together then were separated twenty-two years ago. It is very rare for elephants to display this kind of emotion in captivity, and it's probably the first time such a thing has been documented on film.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Night Music,

Toad Tales

Pygmy goats originated in the Cameroon Valley of West Africa. They were imported into the United States from European zoos in the 1950s for use in zoos as well as research animals. They were eventually acquired by private breeders and quickly gained popularity as pets and exhibition animals due to their good-natured personalities, friendliness and hardy constitution. Today, they are a common sight as house pets and in petting zoos.

Click here for more.

Click here for article.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Night Music

Molly (and Todd) on Monday

 Molly here,

  There isn't much to say this week.  We have had some pictures taken but Todd is in the dog house.

He has discovered chewing.

He chewed up the flounce on the sofa. BG was not happy.
 Then he licked the varnish on the antique pedestal table.

And then he chewed the throw rug...We have to have the throw rug on the floor because Miles chewed a hole in the carpet a long time ago.


Todd looks like he is just fine but BG and I know that he is not being a good boy.

But we love him anyway.

He does leave all his chew toys outside so there is that.

BG says he is just a puppy.
Here are two pictures of us looking out the window. The top is with BG's camera and the bottom one is using his camera phone.

And there is Cassie.

BG says we have to be nice to her because she is old.  He is worried about her.

And there were always treats.

BG says we are getting better when he calls us to the door.  He has a little squeaker and when he pushes it we come in running.  He is happy when we do that.  That means he is happy with us.

I beg for mine.  Todd is still shy and it is hard to get him to take get a close up photo.

Hiding in his "safe spot."

He will come out for a treat though

And BG did make a little movie of Todd chewing a stick.  The yard has toys and sticks (which the little boy from the North threw over the fence.) that is not happy about.

Thanks for stopping to see us.  Woof!