Friday, December 30, 2016

Night Music ~ 2CELLOS - J.S.Bach: Air on the G string [Live at Arena di Verona]

Found For Friday

An anthropologist is studying a primitive society in the middle of the jungle when he develops constipation. Finding he has run out of medicine for that particular type of dysfunction, he tells the medicine doctor of the tribe he is studying. The medicine man tells him not to worry; his people sometimes suffer from the same malady but they simply chew the leaves of a particular fern. The anthropologist, figuring that he has nothing to lose (the fern wasn't poisonous), decided to try this herbal medicine.

The next morning he bumps into the medicine man, who asks if everything came out all right. The anthropologist replied that ferns had, indeed, worked very well, adding, "With fronds like these, who needs enemas?"

Never marry a tennis player. Love means nothing to them.

A song told me to Deck the I did.
Mr. and Mrs. Hall are not very happy.

The sporting goods store is having a big paddle sale,
it is quite the oar deal.

Are fish smart because they spawn good ideas while in schools?

When a new baby comes into a family, many changes are necessary.

Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine.

A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.

"I need a pencil sharpener," said Tom bluntly.

"Oops! There goes my hat!" said Tom off the top of his head.

I can no longer hear anything," said Tom deftly.

"I have a split personality," said Tom, being frank.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Night Music ~ Send In the Clowns - Glenn Close


In remembrance of all those who are no longer with us. 

List of celebrity deaths so far this year..

January 10 David Bowie, 69, Rock icon
January 14 Alan Rickman, 69, Actor
January 15 Dan Haggerty, 74, Actor
January 18 Glenn Frey, 67, Eagles rocker
January 23 Jimmy Bain, 68, Rainbow rock star
January 30 Frank Finlay, 89, Acting great
January 31 Terry Wogan, 77, TV & radio legend
February 3 Maurice White, 74, Earth Wind & Fire star
February 19 Harper Lee, 89, To Kill A Mockingbird author
February 28 Frank Kelly, 77, Father Ted star
February 28 George Kennedy, 91, Movie great
March 1 Tony Warren, 79, Coronation St creator
March 8 George Martin, 90, Beatles producer
March 11 Keith Emerson, 71, ELP rock legend
March 15 Sylvia Anderson, 88, Lady Penelope
March 16 Frank Sinatra Junior, 72, Sinatra’s singer son
March 17 Paul Daniels, 77, Comedy magician
March 29 Patty Duke, 69, Child star
March 31 Ronnie Corbett, 85, Comedy legend
March 31 Denise Robertson, 83, TV agony aunt
April 6 Merle Haggard, 79, Country legend
April 12 David Gest, 62, TV personality
April 20 Victoria Wood, 62, Comedy genius
April 20 Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, 46, WWE wrestling legend
April 21 Lonnie Mack, 74, Blues guitar great
April 21 Prince, 57, Pop icon
April 21 Guy Hamilton, 93, Bond director
April 24 Billy Paul, 80, Chart star
May 17 Guy Clark, 74, Country legend
May 19 John Berry, 52, Beastie Boys star
May 19 Alan Young, 96, Mister Ed TV star
May 21 Nick Menza, 51, Megadeth drummer
May 24 Burt Kwouk, 85, Pink Panther star
May 28, Harambe, 17, Curator
May 31 Carla Lane, 87, Liver Birds writer
June 3 Muhammad Ali, 74, Boxing legend
June 14 Henry McCullough, 72, Wings guitarist
June 19 Anton Yelchin, 27, Star Trek’s Chekov
June 24 Bernie Worrall, 72, Funkadelic star
June 28 Scotty Moore, 84, Elvis’s guitarist
July 2 Caroline Aherne, 52, Comedy actress
July 16 Alan Vega, 78, Suicide punk pioneer
August 13 Kenny Baker, 81, Star Wars’ R2-D2
August 15 Dalian Atkinson, 48, Villa cup hero
August 29 Gene Wilder, 83, Comic genius
September 11 Alexis Arquette, 47, Transgender actress

September 17 Charmian Carr, 73, Sound of Music’s Liesl
September 25 Arnold Palmer, 87, Golfing legend
October 14 Jean Alexander, 90, Corrie’s Hilda Ogden
October 23 Pete Burns, 57, Dead or Alive chart star
October 24 Bobby Vee, 73, 1960s teen idol
November 7 Leonard Cohen, 82, Iconic singer & writer
November 11 Robert Vaughn, 83, Veteran actor
November 13 Leon Russell, 74, US rock legend
November 24 Colonel Abrams, 67, 80s chart star
November 25 Florence Henderson, 82, Brady Bunch star
November 26 Ron Glass, 71, US TV star
December 1 Andrew Sachs, 86, Fawlty Towers star
December 6 Peter Vaughan, 93, Game of Thrones star
December 7 Ian Cartwright, 52, Wolves midfielder
December 8 John Glenn, 95, First to orbit Earth
December 8 Greg Lake, 69, ELP legend
December 10 AA Gill, 62, Writer & critic
December 10 Ian McCaskill, 78, TV weatherman

December 12 Walter Swinburn, 55, Derby winning jockey
December 18 Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99, Actress
December 24 Rick Parfitt, 68, status quo
December 25 George Michael, 53, Singer
December 26 Liz Smith, 95, Actress
December 26 Ricky Harris, 54, Comedian/actor
December 27 Richard Adams, 96, Author
December 27 Carrie Fisher, 60, Actress
December 28 Debbie Reynolds, 84, Actress

December 31 - William Christopher 84, Actor

Throwback Thursday

Another of my bookend collection.  

 Made by Goebel. These are Hummel figurines. They were produced in 1957. Goebel made four of the US. founding fathers in Masonic dress. Only about 1000 were made of each. These are considered bookends and are very rare and hard to find. It is 8 inches high.  On the bottom is the Hummel logo and the year 1957, also LA5A. In my research I was told they are worth $550.00 each. 
(I think that is an inflated price but I would never sell them.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Night Music ~ Tom T Hall Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine

Toad Tuesday

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The giraffe (Giraffa) is a genus of African even-toed ungulate mammals, the tallest living terrestrial animals and the largest ruminants. The genus consists of eleven species including Giraffa camelopardalis, the type species. Seven of these species are extinct, prehistoric species known from fossils, while four are still extant....
The giraffe's chief distinguishing characteristics are its extremely long neck and legs, its horn-like ossicones, and its distinctive coat patterns. It is classified under the family Giraffidae, along with its closest extant relative, the okapi. Each of the four species is distinguished by its coat patterns and genetics. Its scattered range extends from Chad in the north to South Africa in the south, and from Niger in the west to Somalia in the east. Giraffes usually inhabit savannas and woodlands. Their food source is leaves, fruits and flowers of woody plants, primarily acacia species, which they browse at heights most other herbivores cannot reach. Giraffes may be preyed on by lionsleopardsspotted hyenas and African wild dogs. Giraffes live in herds of related females and their offspring, or bachelor herds of unrelated adult males, but are gregarious and may gather in large aggregations. Males establish social hierarchies through "necking", which are combat bouts where the neck is used as a weapon. Dominant males gain mating access to females, which bear the sole responsibility for raising the young.
The giraffe has intrigued various cultures, both ancient and modern, for its peculiar appearance, and has often been featured in paintings, books, and cartoons. It is classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as Vulnerable to extinction, and has been extirpated from many parts of its former range. Giraffes are still found in numerous national parks and game reserves but estimations as of 2016 indicate that there are approximately 97,500 members of Giraffa in the wild, with around 1,144 in captivity.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Night Music - Dory Previn — Twenty-Mile Zone

Molly (and Todd) on Monday

Molly here,

We are still here.  We are all finished with the medicines.  We have been still sleeping a lot but we have been healing and we feel good.

We are not "enjoying the weather" but that is OK.  This week we have had rain, snow, ice, fog, more snow, more fog and on Christmas we had thunder.

That meant that there was also MUD.

This week Jon and Liz came.

They got to get BG's car.

They live in Arizona and BG lets them take his car so we had to get a lot of groceries.

Todd was not a "good boy"...He went into his (I am a little scared puppy mode.)

Liz learned where my "scratching spot" is.  She gave me a lot of scratches.

Todd ran around...I don't think he ever did catch Todd.

But we enjoyed watching them.

Jon stepped on something and he was not happy with that.

And I "snatched" all the treats on the table.

I ate them all and Todd didn't get them.

Then we had more snow.

And we can always watch out the window.

and sleep.

Our neighbor was out in the fog.  BG was trying to take some "artsy" pictures of her.

We always bark at each other.  But in this occasion it was foggy and quiet and BG wouldn't let us out because he was taking these pictures.
And here is another fog photo.

And here she is watching us.
And these are our Christmas presents.  Rope balls.  Todd grabbed them both.

That's OK.  Merry Christmas.