Monday, April 3, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

 Good Morning,

Molly here,

    It has been a rainy week.  We have still been spending a lot of time inside.
But there is still some time we can get outside.

We did some exploring of our yard.

Todd did some digging and he ran around a lot.

You can see that there is some green returning around the yard.

But it will be some time yet when we can really see to see Spring ready to take a hold of things.

We always enjoy treat time.

Then we had to have our blankets washed.

Waiting patiently to get our blankets washed.

And now they are clean again so we can nap peacefully.

BG is letting go in and out so he has the porch open for us.  Thanks to stopping to see us.  Tuesday Dr. Brenda is going to see us.  We have to have our toenails trimmed and get some shots.   Woof!

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