Monday, April 24, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

Molly here,
   BG went to the store and he got me a new bed.  Todd chewed the other one.  He doesn't like to get on this one so this is just for me.  I like it.  So I have it and my couch.  Life is good.

It fits just right.

Brandon was gone but his "guys" came out and powerwashed the porch. We like it.  BG lets us go in and out.  When he gets done working on his blog he will go out and read.  He started a new book this week.

BG was not very good at getting this picture.  Someone was in our backyard.  She was reading one of the meters so we had to get in her face and do a little barking.
Nap time!
 BG is glad that the green is returning.  Now he has to get someone out to reseed some lawn.

 We like having green to enjoy in our yard also.

BG says we have Creeping Charlie in the yard.  Wants to have it gone.  I think it is soft.

 Here are a few more pictures of US.  BG had to crop the last one a lot because there are balls and sticks in the yard.  Oh well!

Thanks to stopping to see us.


Ginny wrote this for Facebook it.  We are hoping he heals so he can come play with us.

 Scamp joined our family St. Patrick's Day. Saturday, April 15 he was alone in the living room for few minutes before he let loose a blood curdling yelp. We took him to ISU small animal clinic where it was determined he had broken his leg. Monday they called and said that because he was only 12 weeks old and that the small bone is acting like a splint to the large bone he broke, he didn't require surgery. We had his bandage changed today and everything looks good. If all goes as hoped we will find out next Monday that the leg is healed.Trying to keep him from running, chasing the cat, jumping is like herding cats

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