Monday, June 5, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

Molly here,

B.G. took some pictures and he also took a movie of us on the porch.  Theresa came to clean and we were on the porch so B G got his phone out and watched us greet her when she came.

We like it when she cleans up the place and we got treats and scratches.

Then Tara came.  She has been flying around the world.  PERU AND FRANCE and other places.

She is in training to be an airline flight attendant.

B G took a lot of pictures.  

We got bunches of treats.

See how nice we get when we get our treats.

B G was glad that Todd is getting better about coming to talk to people..

Todd has a tail to tell.  See it hiding behind the sofa?

It was warm but B G brought his coffee out and we sat in the grass.
Then the neighbor started cursing about something and so we came inside.

B G took a selfie  -  Not too bad for an old fart.
(he always talks getting his hairs cut... But I don't see any (Hair that is) - Perhaps we should get him a wig.)

Thanks for stopping to see us.

BG was out to meetings and went to Costco and out for lunch Saturday.  He said it was too hot for us to go with him.


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