Monday, July 17, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

Molly here,

We had an "event" this week.  Dr. Brenda came out and trimmed our toenails.

It is really to have them done,  Now we can sneak up on BG and surprise him.

Todd was not happy with having this done.

BG had Dr. Brenda pick him on his lap when he trimmed him.  Todd peed a little because he was scared.

That is OK.  BG got out the OKY stuff and cleared it up.

I watched while Todd got his toenails trimmed.

You can see that our lawn is brown now.  We don't like that.

It has been too hot for BG to sit on the porch.  And the humidity is high.  So we spend more time in the air conditioner.

The best thing is getting treats.

BG loves it we get our treats.  He likes to give us treats, scratches and pat therapy.

BG says we are pretty pups.

On Saturday he was gone from 9:00 until 8.  He was going to eat dinner with his friends but there was no place to park and he could not walk that far so he brought some French fries on the way home and had a tomato for supper.  He was disappointed. He said he is going to stop going to this group.

BG said Todd did not have to stay in the Kennel.  He had the whole day free (but he can come when he want to.) That is the second time he has done that.  I am glad.   He said that BG must be growing up now.

This is a picture of Tara and Mo.  They were here this week. Mo came out twice Saturday to let us go to potty and he fed us supper.  BG really likes them. Tara flies in airplanes and so she is gone a lot.  But BG hopes Mo will move in to help.  He is really a great guy.  The catfish was one that Tara caught at the river.  (He released it.)  

Thanks for stopping to see us.  See us next week.   Woof!

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