Monday, February 13, 2017

Molly (and Todd) on Monday

We had a good week.  First Dr. Brenda came.  She was going to give Todd a shot but then she looked at a lump in my shoulder.

So she took a test and Todd got to wait for later.

My lump was not a problem.  Sort of a fatty bump but not cancer,

BG was concerned.  Ever since of Sadie of "Blessed Memory" died he worries about us.

It was all good.  They BG and Dr. Brenda gave us extra treats.  You can see the dish right by us..  We like getting our treats.

So our February bouquet came and it made us nice to see them.

BG loves getting flowers.  Ginny got them for us for Christmas.   We love them.

Todd was surprised.  We got snow.  We have not had much snow so far this winter.   BG can remember some times when the snow was hub cap deep.   That was hard.

We were happy to check out the bunny tracks in the new snow.
Todd likes the taste of the snow.

Then there is always nap time.

BG tried to a get a good picture of the full moon.  It was hard because it was on the East side of the house.
Some times it comes up on the West.  BG has never told me why..
Treat time.  Todd was afraid that he would not get one.. But he always gets one (or two)

Then it is time for some more Photos.

 Then we had a Cardinal.  It was hard to get a good picture.  Fuzzy, but you can see the color.

I guess that is it for awhile. Thanks for stopping to see us.  See you next week.   Woof!

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