Monday, February 27, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

 Molly here,

BG has discovered that he can play his music on his computer.  He down loaded LALand and then found he has a lot of music on his computer.

Jon gave him some music also so he is going to explore that.  He has over 300 CD's on his "machine" that he can also play.
 He is discovered that music and reading is much better that paying attention to the crap news that Trumph puts out.

Oh I will still vote...Just not going to worry any more.  He was upset about the way things have gone...But with King, Grassley and Ernst as my so-called) representatives..he was not sleeping well.

So we can always sleep.  BG likes to watch us sleep.

Then we had snow

It is nice.  I don't like the rain so I sleep but we do like the snow.  Until it melts and turns into mud.

Todd likes to sit behind the couch (that he chewed) and watch for squirrels.

The snow didn't last long but we watched it and then we played in it and sniffed it..

BG says the smells must be nice because we all went all over the yard all of the snow smells.

Then we came back in because Todd had to bark at someone.

BG doesn't like us to bark.

But we can always look at our window.

 This is Todd's latest preferred position.
I like my couch.

So perhaps BG will also take a nap.  Thanks for stopping to stop to see us.  Woof!

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