Monday, July 25, 2016

Molly (and Todd) on Monday

Guess what,  Jon and Liz came.

They are here getting married next Saturday.  They are using B G's car so we are without transportation but BG went to the grocery story and we should have enough to eat.

BG bought big bags of treats so we will all have those and he also has a big of regular food so we should be all right.

They spent some time with Cassise.  We are all worried about her.

She cried when they left.  Now she is back to sleeping all day and coming out to eat and drink.  B G is sad to see her in this way.  He said her birthday in September --09/01/1998 -  So she has been with us a long time.

She is really Jon's cat but she has been living with BG and me for a long time.

BG and Jon and Liz went out to eat for lunch.  They went to Battlecry.. They liked it.

Here is a link to their Facebook page.  Here
BG made the pictures of Liz and Jon but you can click on them to embiggen them

BG took some "artsy" pictures with the lens in his camera fogging down.

Todd was chewing on a stick.

Here is one of our Wrens peeking out of the hole in the house.

BG thinks she (or he) is feeding the babies now.
Here a couple of pictures (artsy again)

And one more of Todd

And one of our weeds.  BG also made us some movies.  The first and second are short but the third is longer.

Thanks for stopping by to see us.


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