Monday, July 4, 2016

Molly and Todd (and Cassie) and our Birdies..

Molly here,

    It has been a good week for us.  BG had his hairscut and he went to dinner with his Sister Ginny and her guy Bruce.  It was Ginny's Birthday.

Cassie ventured out to the porch.  She has trouble navigating but she does like to go out on the porch.  BG and Todd and I sat on the porch.  BG read and Todd and I did our  sitting.  There was pair of wrens building on nest in the birdhouse and so we watched them  BG took a movie of them.  It was interesting for him to make a movie.  He tried stitching some of the clips together and it was interesting.

They are at the bottom of the Blogpost.

Todd likes to bother Cassie but she just ignores him.  BG makes him leave her alone.

He took a couple of movies about us also but they were shorter.

In the first one he was getting us to eat treats.  We like that.

Then he tried to get us to play but we didn't feel up to it so that is a short one.

Here a close up of the Birdie.. Not sure which one it is (there are two) but it is noisy.

You can't really hear them until about 1:37 but then you can and you can also hear the Cardinal in the bushes.  I love our birdies and so does BG,  Then you can hear the kids from the north....they are noisy.  They yell at each other all the time and BG then gives up and reads inside.. But he can still hear them.  Makes BG mad. But he a grump sometimes.

Anyway.  Thanks for stopping to see us.   Woof!

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