Thursday, July 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday

This is from the 1906 "Bomb" with my Grandfather's photo.  It is hard to read.  He was a Veterinary.  It says he "Used to be fierce, but is now a pretty quiet fellow.

 Granddad had a temper...(Irish you know) and I can remember him setting me down and giving me a talking about about my temper (Irish you know) - He said that it had cost him some jobs until he got it under control.  I never saw him do or say anything which would show that he had a temper until one time......I said something to my grandmother which made her cry.  I never was hit but I can still remember the reaming out that I got and I still feel the shame of making her cry.  ---  I have tears now when I think about it.

Here is the quote about him....

A man’s best things are nearest him,

Lie close about his feet.  

Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton

Then Ginny found another picture of my great-uncle who was also my Grandmother's Brother and so I guess that will make him a double uncle..  Here is picture

"Undy" "Jean"
Vet. Medic Soc.
Class Track

"Who knows before his life may end
"What his share may be of care, man?"--Burns
Ho good people! here is Vet. that took to fussing and
it proved fatal. The records show that he has the matrimonial
bureaus "skinned to death" for a speedy courtship.
 Moral to G. and D. S. fiends:  If you want things to move, just glom on to a Vet.

There is a poem which Uncle Jean wrote about my Granddad. -  I think there was written about Granddad about Uncle Jean but I don't know what happened to it.

18TH AND Maury Streets
Phones, Day, Maple 2978, Night, Walnut 7657

J.R. Underwood: D.V.M.

Professor Cole, who in is lecture is full of theories and conjectures.
Convinces us that it’s no trick to cure poor piggy when he’s sick.
“Why if his breath is coming fast, as if each one would be the last.
Give him some good strong stimulant and rub his snout with the liniment”.
Or if on Dobbins neck should grow a good old fashioned this plow.
Don’t think that death is growing near; just pour some urine in his ear.
“There’s quality to that, there’s class. It’s better yet to add some glass”.
At diagnosis he is there, can track each symptom to its lair.
Combine them all, make a disease, he does it gracefully with ease.
Just like that, he can guard the City meat supply; can operate on Fido’s eye
Can treat the chicken when they’re sick, he understands the fever stick.
He’s getting by, he knows the game, he knows what makes the horses lame.
He don’t need any boosts or pull, for when it doubt he throws the bull.
It’s also great to hear him rant about that College serum plant.
Not if this “expert” only knew half of the damage that they do.
He’d put for sale sign on the door and stop making serum evermore.
It seems as though they really can’t make serum in that plant.
I don’t understand there’s something wrong,
                  The virus is weak and the serum  ain’t  strong.
It’s been that way for a year or two and its raising Hell now I tell you.
They ought to “can” this Doctor Cole and put a real Vet in control.
One that is able wise and good, I’d recommend Doc Underwood.
The moral of this little poem
I hope you will all take home.
If you should own a healthy pig
Keep it away from red-haired “Dig”.

Written by Dr. Jean R. Underwood D.V.M. about his brother-in-law Dr. Clarence Gordon Cole “Dig.

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