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Robert Kennedy, South Africa 1966.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Molly on Monday

Molly here,

I can't believe it is Monday again.. My how time flies when you are having fun.

Or not!

Cassie and I both like to sit on top of B G when he is resting.  He took pictures.
 I am not to sure about having her up that close to me.  The other day she started licking me.  I was not pleased about that....nope, not at all.  Most of the time she is fun to play with.  She bats my nose and I chase her.

 I also like to play with my toys.  B G keeps wanting me to bring him some to play with.  I figure he can get his own. These is mine!

 Jon sent some pictures of Miles this week so B G said to share them.  Not sure where Arizona is but if he can send pictures over something B G calls the Internets I don't see why he can't slip through to visit.  Maybe we will have to drive down there and kidnap him to bring him back to Iowa.
 He is so handsome.  Jon was complaining about how much room he takes up on the bed.
 I won't comment on Jon's forehead but sure looks like he will have a forehead like B G.  someday.
 Through the looking glass.
 Jon is just going to have to get a larger bed.

I did try taking the toy over to B G once or twice but once he gets it he just throws it away.  He doesn't know how to play with it.
 I think it is time to put the toy down and go outside to see what is happening.
After I came back inside B G was watching the  TV.  I noticed it. (I don't usually pay any attention to it.)

 But this was interesting.  Something called the Puppy Bowl.  I watched it for awhile and then decided to go back outside.. Drives B G. nuts...
 Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by to see me.  Molly


Dianne said...

Cassie is a most unusual cat! she is so cozy and cuddly and so close to you Molly
you guys are lovely

hugs to all!

Ur-spo said...

Oh but I love Molly !

Ur-spo said...

Oh but I love Molly !