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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nostra Maxima Culpa

I watched this powerful show on HBO and was really appalled by the amount of child molestation that has gone on in this church for so long with little or no accountability. Sullivan calls the current Pope the J. Edgar Hoover of the Vatican. Worshiped like a God on earth he lives a lie every day. Link here to article about this horrid situation. I know of one Catholic Priest here in Ames in the 1970s who did these things because he was at the resort my family went to and I heard about him later. 

The family that brought him to the lake did not know of this until after he was moved from Ames. He was young, pleasant and fun but he had dark secrets.  He came here from Rhode Island where there was a long history of abusing boys. This was reported in the Des Moines Register. I looked him up on-line and found that he had been moved around to cover-up his crime. He is dead now but I wonder what damage he did to so many young boys. If there is a just God surely Robert Marcantonio is not with him now. More here, here, and here.

Andrew Sullivan (a Catholic) has written an excellent post on this show.  Even if you cannot watch the show I recommend you read Sullivan't article here.  Sometime the Vatican must be held accountable for what has happened to far too many young victims.

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