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Monday, February 11, 2013

Molly on Monday

 My name is Molly.

I live with the B(ig) G(uy) and a cat,  I like living here because I am the Queen, and B G loves me.

He lets me sit on his lap and he takes pictures of me.

 He likes to take pictures of me.
The first time he saw me was at Hearts United for Animals where I was sitting quietly waiting for my "forever" home.  I had my front feet in their lady-like pose (see above) and he liked that.  It was what made him notice me.

 When I have to I sit right in front of him to tell him I want something to snack on.  He throws me a treat and I catch and eat it,

We always play that game when I come inside.  That is why when I am hungry I make him let me out so that when I come back in he will give me treats....YUM!

 He likes the way my fun looks and takes close ups of it.

 My best "gimme" look.

 There is a cat who lives here also.  Her name is Cassie.  She hasn't been around much this week.  (That does not bother me.)   I kind of like her (but not too much) but I don't like her to sit on B G  - that's my spot!

Thank you for your visit.  Be sure to visit the folks at Hearts United for Animals.  There are a lot of my friends still there waiting for their "forever homes,"


Victor said...

Awww. I love Molly.

Dianne said...

I love your lady like pose
and all your other poses too!!

hugs from me and Hope to all of you
and tell BG I love the parrot chute cartoon