Monday, December 19, 2016

Molly (and Todd) on Monday

 Molly here,

    It has been a second week of being in the hospital....well actually not really.  Todd was "worrying" his foot and BG looked at it and called Dr. Brenda.  She took to the hospital and put him under and now he has to have pills.  He is sleeping a lot now.  BG says it is because of the pills.

But I am also sleeping a lot.  BG says that sleeping helps us to heal.

Todd likes to sleep in the big bed.

I like my couch.

Todd was gone for half a day and I didn't like that he was gone.

BG let me go with him to get him back after his operation.  So I watched the window and Todd watched BG.  You can see his bandage.

 BG made Todd wear a bag around his foot for the first day.  But he is not moving much.

BG said he was limping and he was feeling bad about him limping.

 Then we went out in the snow after he got a little better.

He was moving slowly.

And it was COLD.  It was -15 degrees...That is MINUS degrees.

We go outside and then get right back inside.


 It is still cold.

We aren't doing much.

We have hot water heat and I was getting as close as I could -  Todd still watches me because he is fearful.

But he is better now and BG took the bandage off and he will get better.

Jon and Liz are coming this week and so we will see them.  BG lets them take the car so we have to stock on the goodies.  

Thanks for stopping by to see us.  Woof!

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