Monday, December 5, 2016

Molly and Todd (with BG) on Monday

 Well this is different.  Molly hurt her leg playing with Todd.  She started limping and I was really worried about her whether or not she might have a broken leg.  So I called Dr. Bright and  since my ringer was not on it took a little to get connected.

Since Dr. Bright just lives just up the street to see us she came in the morning and checked her out.
 Dr. Bright picked her up to Story City for x-rays and it turned out to be a bad sprain.  But it is hard for her compose her blog.

Todd is still too young to be able to blog so I get to help.

Molly has two types of pills to take one at noon and the other three times a day so Nurse BG gets to do that and he has a nice bed for her.

Theresa came to see clean out house and it needed it.

 She loves to give Molly and Todd scratches on their ears and loving.

Todd is getting better and better but he has still trouble chewing.  Now he is wanting to chew the new bed.  But I put the blanket on the two beds and hopefully that will stop the chewing.

 Todd is not sure about all of this.  He wants to play and I won't them play any until Molly gets better.  She is still walking like an old lady.  But since I do also we can use an expression of my mother's.  We are Crip and Crap.  Molly is very stoic and Todd just does not understand why she won't play with us.

But we will get through it.

With the Dentist bill(two cavities), the car license, and estimated taxes due this month the old wallet is slim.

Hey look,  We got snow.

The kids are happy about it.

It won't last but looks nice now.

And here is one more picture.  I have never seen them in this situation before.  
So Sweet!

Jon and Liz will be here later this month, we are looking to see them.

Hopefully Molly can do her own blogging next week or the next.  Thanks for reading this,

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