Monday, January 16, 2017

Molly (and Todd) on Monday,

 Molly here,

        Nothing much to report this week.  BG says he would like to see some snow to cover up our dirty yard.  But that probably won't happen for awhile.

BG went out to the flower shop to get his Bouquet for the week.  We like having them.
Todd always sleeps on the floor.  I go up on the couch but he never goes up there.

We do like to sleep together though.

The other night BG woke up and saw the moon out our window.  It is kind of nice to see it. BG was happiest with this picture of the moon at our neighbor's home.  It is a little fuzzy but we like it.

This is a picture of us by the TV.

We were listening to our favorite show.

Lucky Dog.

We always like watching Brandon.

Here is Brandon.  He is a great guy and we like that goes out and rescues and trains dogs so they can find a furr-over home.

Then he posed some pictures of us in our house.

Here is Todd peeking around the gate in his kennel.  He isn't in there much but he can go in if he wants to.

Mr. DeMille got our close-ups this week.

We were watching our neighbor.  BG let us go out so we could bark together.

Nap time.

Thanks to stopping to see us.



Bob Kelly said...

That was a delighful photo essay!

Ur-spo said...

we love the dogs !