Thursday, January 5, 2017

Throwback Thursday

This is a painting which I found in an antique shop of my travels.  I know nothing  about it except that it is of Mount Fuji in Japan.  

Japan’s Mt. Fuji is an active volcano about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. Commonly called “Fuji-san,” it’s the country’s tallest peak, at 3,776 meters. A pilgrimage site for centuries, it’s considered one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains, and summit hikes remain a popular activity. Its iconic profile is the subject of numerous works of art, notably Edo Period prints by Hokusai and Hiroshige.
Last eruptionDecember 16, 1707
First ascent663 AD

Take a look at the picture and cedar trees. and the old sailing ships.

Here is the signature, Kimura
  • Japanese : very common place name and surname, especially in western and northeastern Japan. Variously written, the original meaning is ‘tree village’. Some bearers are descended from the Fujiwara, Mononobe, and other noble families.

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