Monday, January 9, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

Molly Here,

It has been cold.  We don't like the cold.  We have been hibernating.

BG says that sleep is good for us.

He has been watching TV but we don't like the shows he watches so we sleep a lot.

BG took a photo of the moon.  We were sleeping and it wasn't a good picture but you can see the branches in the photo.
We went back to sleep.

Theresa came to see us.

We had a nice visit.  Todd likes to get in our face when we talk.

But we have to have our time.  And we got them.

Eventually we let Todd come to talk to us also.

Theresa came to take care of house cleaning.  BG took our blankies to the washing and we liked that.
Then he put the blakies out so we stretched out for a nap.

We love our bed.
Todd was so funny.  He was sleeping on his back.  He is just a "kid" at times but we love each other.

Thanks for stopping to see us.  (Sometimes BG takes a nap also. - We are waiting for spring.)

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