Monday, May 22, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

Molly here,

It has not been a great week.  B.G. said that we can just hang out with him.  We can watch TV and cuddle with him he lets me hide out under his recliner.  Todd gets in his "safe" kennel to hide.  Because it is cold and has been raining and there is hail and lighting.  We don't like it.

B G's friend Dianne told us about this Show.  It starts tomorrow.  We are excited about it.

Downward Dog from Animal on Vimeo.

Here is us watching the show.  They did a preview.

Then it was time to watch the rain come down and to sleep.

Sometimes I sleep on my big round bed.
Todd watches B G.

You can see the muddy water under the bushes.

So we find all the different places we can find to sleep and dream of flowers and warmer weather.

So here we are.  -  B.G. got some different treats for us for my birthday.  He can get some of them for us.  We really liked them.  Todd did also. It was my birthday but I shared them with him.  
Thanks for stopping to see us.  Have a great week.  Woof!

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