Monday, May 8, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

Molly here,

It has been a busy week.  But we still got some NAP time in.

I love my new round bed.  Todd does not like getting on it so it is all mine!

I also like to sleep with us together.

BG woke up early - like 4:30 am and this is what we saw.

BG sleeps in his recliner and the moon comes in for us to see.

BG doesn't get many of these but it was kind of neat to see this time.

Then the city came and trimmed some trees that were in the electric wire.  We watched them as they worked.

BG was watching me and Todd was watching the tree guys,
Todd was enjoying the newly  mown grass.

Bg got a new Welcome sign with an elephant in it and some bells.

I like to sit next to BG in the porch.

Todd likes to go in and out.

BG got a panorama shot of our yard.
Here are some more pictures of us in our yard.

Theresa came and gave us treats and scratches.

Friday was Cinco De Mayo and so we had Tacos (and other stuff) on the porch for supper.  It was good.

BG had to take his chair replaced at Staples.

And to Sprint.  Then we went to Holubs to flowers.

I love the flowers.  And I also like the flowers on our bushes.

They smell really nice.

Thanks for stopping by to see us.

We love May.

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Ur-spo said...

hooray for treats and scratches!