Monday, May 29, 2017

Molly and Todd on Monday

 Molly here,

B G said my pictures were not very exciting this week but "come on" it has been cold and rainy and we don't like rain so we have been napping and watching B G Blog and we wave not motivated much.  So there.

See, we watch him a lot.

and then we nap.

 But Sunday was beautiful.  B G went to the grocery store and then he sat out on the porch and I sat with him.  Todd came out and we all had a good time

No treats yet....but I know I think I will wait.  Maybe later he will give me something.

B G really loves this picture of my hair.  He gets all artsy (fartsy) sometimes.

One of our plants was in in bad shape because of the cold.  But we gave it some more water and I think it is perking up.  B G says he won't throw it away just yet.

Thanks for stopping to see us.   Woof!

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