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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Something Yummy for Saturday

We met "Grandma Bea" while vacationing at Lake View Resort in Walker, Minnesota. She was there with her daughter's family (Ann and Bill Cook)and we all fell in love with them and scheduled our vacations at the same time.
2 ½ cups          Cake flour
1    T                Cake flour
2    tsp (scant)  Soda
½   tsp              Salt
1              Egg
1 lb. can  Fruit cocktail
1 pkg.      Chocolate frosting
1   Mix.
2   Pour into greased and floured 9 x 13 inch baking pan.
3   Bake:  350°
4   This can be made using white frosting mix or canned peaches.

Yield: 9 x 13 inch cake

Jam Pudding Cake (Submitted by Ethel Underwood Meeker)

The size of the baking pan wasn't submitted with the recipe.

1  cup   Sugar
1  cup   Flour
½ cup   Butter
½ cup   Sour milk or cream
5           Egg yolks
3 whole   Eggs
1 tsp         Soda
1 cup        Strawberry jam or raspberry jam
           Whipped cream
1   In a large bowl cream sugar and butter.
2   Add egg yolks OR eggs.
3   Add dry ingredients.
4   Add jam.
5   Bake:  350°

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