Saturday, August 4, 2007

Elinor Kornhauser

Today I drove to Mason City for the funeral of a good person who was my friend. Elinor Kornhauser and I have worked together in the York Rite and in Rainbow. She was the wife of Robert Kornhauser who was Grand Master of the Grand Council in 1986-87. I worked with her in Rainbow when I was involved. She was a Grand Deputy and Bob was on the Rainbow Foundation Board with me.
She was also very dedicated to her church which was the Episcopalian denomination. She was a gifted and talented lady and I was blessed to have known her.
Several years ago she took a fall while at Grand Assembly for Rainbow. She was the Grand Deputy of the Grand worthy Advisor and was seated on a raised platform. The fall she took was a bad one. The doctors kindly informed her that she would never walk again. Elinor proved them wrong. She did walk again and while she did not fully recover she was able to do many things and her courage and dedication to her family, her church and her friends was wonderful.

When Lisa sent me the e-mail about her mother I responded with this
"Your mother was a great person and I loved her very much. I was so sorry that she had to go through the last years of her life with the health problems she had but she faced everything with courage and I am sure her faith gave her the strength to continue.

She set an example for everyone (including me) who has to face adversity in life and I will always be grateful that she was my friend. I have held you and Bob in my thoughts ever since I heard the news.

One thing I have found since the passing of my mother is that we never lose our parents they are always with us. Take courage from that and remember that there are a lot of people who loved your Mom and are praying for you. "
When I was in the hospital with my illness a lot of people sent me their support. About that time I began getting a magazine in the mail. I did not know why I was getting it but I enjoyed it and read a lot of the articles in it. They helped me through some tough times. Sometime later I called the magazine and found out that Elinor had given me the subscription. I was amazed. She had done this quietly and with no fanfare nor need of anyone knowing what she had done.

That spirit of giving and loving lives on in all who knew her. I don't usually like funerals and avoid them when I can but I went to this one and I am glad I could go and celebrate Elinor's life with those who loved her.

Once again I am grateful for my membership in the Masonic Fraternity because of the wonderful friends like Elinor, Bob and Lisa I have made through it.
Love someone, Hugs, jcs

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