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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Something Yummy for Saturday

This was in the "original" Family Cookbook that I typed and used the mimeo to print for the family in 1972.  Collector's items..

Creamed Chicken and Biscuits (Submitted by JoAnn Cole Peterson, 1972)

1 large  Fat stewing chicken
2 tsp      Salt
    Baking powder biscuits
1   Stew chicken until cooked
2   Cool.
3   Bone and cut meat into small pieces.
4   Set aside.
5   Simmer in water that the chicken was boiled in to reduce the amount of liquid.
6   Add milk to replace the water that has boiled off.
7   Thicken enough to make a thick gravy.
8   Season to taste.
9   Add chicken meat.
10  Serve over baking powder biscuits.

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Harper's Keeper said...

My grandmother always made a variation of this. She was not a particularly good cook but this is a dish I remember fondly.