Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Birthday Anniversary

This is my friend Dallas, Tomorrow is the anniversary of her birthday. She is (just a little ) younger than I am.

Tonight I took her to Des Moines for dinner. We ate at my favorite restaurant, Sam and Gabes. It was wonderful and I have enough left for supper tomorrow night. Dallas and I worked together in the Ames Schools and she became a great friend. In fact I consider her my best friend.

When Dallas was the principal of Roosevelt School she was placed on the Plaza of Heroines by her school. It is easy to see why. I stole the picture from there.

Dallas has always been there for me (and for everyone else) When I was in the hospital (twice) she would stop up every morning and bring me the paper and brighten my morning. She would help me out with my dogs and even saw to it that Bailey got to visit me when I was in the hospital. No small feat. Believe me that helped me to get better more than anything else. She got him groomed and brought him up (with my doctors permission) and made sure that I got to spend time with him.

Dallas exemplifies this quote:
Actions, not words, are the true criterion of the attachment of friends.
–George Washington, 1732 - 1799

I can never repay her for all that she has done. Her actions make her the friend of everyone.

Dallas recently became a grandmother. Her granddaughter lives in Macedonia. But she was born here in Ames and Dallas got to spend from October until January before she went back. So Happy Birthday Dallas. And many more. Hugs, j

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