Sunday, January 13, 2008

Phone Call from Colorado

I was wondering what to bolg about today. I just got a phone call from Marty. He used to live here in Iowa but moved to Colorado where he is still active in the York Rite. He had been talking to Doug and Doug told him about my blog so he gave me a "shout out" on the phone. I checked the map at the bottom of the blog and discovered that he "marked" as Berthoud, Colorado. Berthoud is a pretty little town south of Ft. Collins. My cousin used to live there and we visited her when she lived there on one of our trips.

It was fun to hear from him and "catch up" on what he has been up to. Welcome to my Blog. I think I shall keep you as a Brother but now you can be a "blogfriend" also. That is the name I made up for those of you who have contacted me through my blog. Marty told me about the picture from the Knights Templar Magazine from the Colorado State Supplement. So I went there and found the picture and cropped it so I could use it here. I have such fun with my little hobby. Good to talk to you Marty.

Marty also told me about a site where you can purchase a custom made Commandery Uniform for $189. It is USA Mason. It looks as if they are new and will probably be expanding their offerings. No recommendation is made as to their work.

While he was talking to me Jon came and picked up Max to take him to RockCreek park. He (Max) will probably come back with more seeds in his coat. That is OK cause both the "boys" are going to be groomed on Tuesday. Hugs, j

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