Saturday, January 26, 2008

It is about Reconcilliation

I have written about the York Rite College previously so I won't repeat myself. But I will talk a little about the theme of the degree. The Masons and the Sir Knights (pictured above) are unable to come to an agreement until the King sets Prince Edwin to work with them to reconcile the problems. Their problems are solved and a new Order is formed. (that happens a lot in Masonry. So the underlying theme is one of reconciliation. More about that later.
We had eleven new members of the College who were given the degree today. they are a fine looking group.
Six of the new members were from Ames. I was originally in this picture but I cropped myself out. Because the picture is much better without me. And besides the day is about the new members not some old coot.

David Dryer was presented with the Service Award. Only one of these can be given in any one year and David certainly deserved it.
And finally it was announced that Billy Joe and Bruce Hildreth would travel to Virginia this summer for the Sovereign Grand College meeting where they will receive the College's highest honor. The Order of the Purple Cross. Tim Anderson will also receive it at that time but he was unable to be with us today.

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Part II

After the College meeting I drove to Des Moines to attend the Stage West production of Jerry Springer, the Opera. The jury is still out as to whether or not I really liked it but there were definitely parts that made me laugh and while there was a lot of profanity in it the overlying message was a good one. And again it was about reconciliation. The Devil wants to be reconciled to God so he gets Jerry Springer to do it for him. I have a feeling that there were a lot of Jerry Springer fans in the theater tonight. They seemed to know what was going on. I have never watched the show so perhaps I missed something. I may write more about it later and then again I may not,

The most important part of the day for me was a reconciliation that took place between me and a friend. Misunderstandings are just crummy and when something like today happens I really understand what Masonry is all about. "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." True words, Square words, just such words as I desire to live by.
Remember you are loved. Hugs, j


Anonymous said...

One of the most interesting and relevent (to me anyhow) parts of this degree is the comment about how the various orders all claimed supremacy, and assumed that their way was best. What is most important, the king? the church? the military? the schools? the civil government. (Actually, that reminds me about a joke regarding the various parts of the human body that I will NOT repeat here since it would probably offend Jay. NOT!) But as we have been taught elsewhere, and in several different differnt degrees and orders for that matter, TRUTH is what is most important. All the others are important; all contribute, but none should be considered more important than the others.

We still see this today, in the conflict we occasionally have between the Scottish Rite and the York Rite, between Lodges and the Shrine, even between the several bodies in the York Rite. And it is really frustrating, because ultimately, we are all Masons, and should recognize that everyone has something to offer, something to contribute toward the attainment of light or truth. And tolerance for the differences is the first step toward gaining the mutual respect necessary for mutual advancement.

Jay Simser said...

AMEN! However I prefer acceptance of each others differences. To me tolerance still indicates that one is "higher" than others. It will probably keep on the way it is though as long as EGOs are involved. thank heaven neither you nor I have that problem. Nor do any of our friends.