Friday, January 18, 2008

High School Humor

A troop of Shakespearean actors were traveling around England with a repertory of five plays. At each village they put up posters advertising the plays. At one village they ran short of funds and were unable to purchase separate posters for their plays. One wag came up with the following sign to advertise the plays. If you can identify them put your answers in the comments section. No prize and I'm not going to post the answers. My clever readers should be able to figure them out. Just remember that this was something I heard when I was much, much younger.
3” 6” 12”

I have nothing much else to report today. I have been hunkering down mostly because of the cold. Friday night is my TV night. I love Las Vegas and Moonlighting. I usually tape Numbers and Flash Gordon and Stargate Atlantis so I will have something to watch on the dearth of Saturday night. I know I should just read but there are a few shows I like.

I went up to Walgreens to pick up testing strips for my BS machine and ate at the Flame and Skewer. Ran into Roy and Myrna Cakerice. Myrna plays the organ at the Methodist Church for as long as I can remember and Roy and I worked together in the Ames Schools. We have both retired but he was elected (twice) to the school board. We had an interesting talk about the situation in the Ames Schools where they are concerned about the test scores being down. I gave him some of my thoughts on this and then told him he could read more of them on the Blog. Then I came home and looked up some of my Education "rants" and sent them to him.

I suggested that one of the reasons the reading scores are down is the fact that they no longer require 30 minutes of reading (Uninterrupted, Sustained, Silent, Reading = USSR) in the classroom and the teachers don't all read 15 - 20 minutes to the students each day. They seem to have dropped that practice and gone back to "readers" which water down the language and beauty of the book and do not challenge the student and for a student to grow and learn he/she must be challenged.

It is almost too cold to type tonight. Anybody who wants to suggest a topic for me to write about (or if you want the answers to the above weak joke) is welcome to drop me an e-mail at In the meantime TGIF and Stay Warm! Remember you are loved. Hugs, j-bear

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