Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harry S Truman

This picture of Harry S Truman hangs in the Lodge Room of Arcadia Lodge. It hangs in many Lodge rooms. Harry S Truman was Grand Master of Masons in Missouri in 1940 - 41. He went out of office in October of 1941.

He was active in Masonry all through his life, practicing his ritual as he plowed and served as Master of his Lodge as well as Grand Master. He was a 33rd Mason, having first turned the degree down until an injustice to his friend was corrected,

His White House biography does not mention his Masonic connection but every Mason knows of it just as they do that George Washington was a Mason.

Truman appointed Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt, as his representative to the newly formed United Nations. Both Mrs. Roosevelt and Truman worked to support civil rights for all. Truman called her the "First Lady of the World." Together these giants worked to improve the betterment of all mankind. I salute them both.

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Tom Dean said...

I am reminded of the spat between Truman and the Scottish Rite. He was offended at the removal of the 33rd from Ray V. Denslow, his dear friend and Truman refused to accept his.

Ray was Past Grand Everything in Missouri and from the lovely town of Trenton Missouri. Trenton has been the home of several prominent Masons, including Jerry Marsengill.