Friday, January 18, 2008

A Promise and the Reality

Bob sent me two photos yesterday. The first is from summer and he is reminding us that we only have six months to go before June. Remember June, Hot, warm, sunny, picnic at the lake, golfing. Beer (if you drink it), gentle breezes wafting over you as you swelter in the basement hiding out from tornadoes and listening to the lightening bolts as they strike all around you?
This is the reality right now. Damn cold and I don't like it. I want to get back in the bed and hibernate until spring. Since I am a bear I think that would be appropriate. Anyway the sun dogs are beautiful and I thank him for the shots.

I didn't go out of the house yesterday until I had to go to Lodge. We had a Fellowcraft Degree for Trevor and it was very well done. He was impressed. I pick up Rollen and bring him to Lodge now as his family doesn't want him driving at night and I love to do it. He is such a mainstay in our Lodge. He is a DL and knows the entire ritual and fills in where ever needed. I never tire of hearing him give the "G" lecture in the Fellowcraft Degree. His wife has a rule which I call "Betty's rule" - the car doesn't move until the seat belts are fastened. It is a good rule.

After Lodge I took him home and went to the grocery store because I was running low on dog food and other vital necessities. Then it was to Sopranos for afterglow with some of the Brothers. That is a good place to go and the conversation is always good. Everyone is congenial and it is a good place to be. The bartender is a former student of mine and the owner is a Mason so I enjoy going there for those reasons also. It is fun to run into former students. Some of them try to call me Mr. Simser but I tell them it is Jay now that they are out of High School. (I made that rule when some of them tried to call me Jay when they were in my class.)

Dave as a good entry about the degree last night.

I had over 100 hits yesterday. And thee were 146 page views. I am afraid that today will be boring for blogging as I don't feel very inspired and it may be because it is so darn cold out there that the blood is slowed down and I'm not getting enough nutrients to the brain. (Not that there is much brain for the blood to get to because it seems to be frozen and shriveled today.

When the "boys" go outside to do their business Max runs out to his "spot" Bailey stands at the top of the ramp and pees right there and then wants right back in. If I don't stay there and watch him he has problems and starts limping. The cold and the snow is hard on him. Last year he tried going out to the corner and once or twice I had to go out to get him and carry him in. Poor little guy. He gets up by me as soon as possible to warm up.
Thanks for reading.
You are loved. Hugs from j

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cathy said...

man, am i grateful i don't have to go out to pee!

rub the back of bailey's ears for me and then max's too? seniority should count for something.