Monday, January 7, 2008

The New ?? TV Season

The paper today has a listing of 32 new and returning shows which are coming on the TV for mid-season replacements.

The writer's strike is certainly affecting the TV offerings. I looked the list over and of the 32 listed there were six that I will probably check out. I, most likely, will not watch many of them.

Medium is returning. I used to watch it regularly but it really got old fast and I think that Patricia Arquette's voice is really whiny. (And her cell phone has an obnoxious ring.) The paper says that Anjelica Huston is going to be on for a six-episode arc as a guest star. It starts in 15 minutes so I will check it out tonight.

Next the Cashmere Mafia. It is called a "Sex and the City" wannabe in the paper. I watched it last night and I enjoyed the first show so I will give it another look. I like Lucy Liu.

Eli Stone (starts on Jan 31) is about a lawyer with prophetic powers. A show about a lawyer should be good. Right? It is going to be on ABC.

New Amsterdam on Fox starting Feb. 22 is about an ancient Indian spell which makes a New York City Cop immortal. The premise is interesting and Fox does some good shows. I like Bones the best on their network.

Also in February, Raquel Welch and Jeffrey Tambor star in Welcome to the Captain. Eccentric residents living in a fabled Hollywood apartment building - CBS

I will probably check out When Women Rule the World on Fox beginning in March. It doesn't really appeal to me but to be fair it should be interesting to see what writers think would happen if they ran things.

I am more excited that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are returning tonight. Probably without their writers. I probably shouldn't watch them because that is kind of like crossing a picket line. Ethical question. Perhaps I will watch tonight to see what happens and then take my stand tomorrow. I know I will watch Dave and Craig. Anyway I usually watch with the computer on my lap or read a bock while I am watching so the TV time isn't entirely wasted.

The rest of the offerings (81%) of them do not appeal to me at all. They are either reality shows or give away (Oprah's Big Give) or the usual mindless drivel. I may stick to PBS. I notice that they are doing all of Jane Austin's novels next. I still have my books.

You can tell I didn't do much today. Jon was over last night and helped me put Christmas away. He took Max for a walk in the woods and Max has not hardly moved today. Just beat. laying around in his corner. If I move he opens his eye and looks at me. Poor old guy.

I processed some dues and paid some bills so I am feeling poor. Oh well. With the price of gas what it is I am planning on sticking fairly close to Ames. Dues paying and Christmas always make me feel poor this time of year. Winning the lottery would be nice. (Do you have to buy a ticket?)

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Have a great week. Hugs, j

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