Monday, January 28, 2008

Bob's Eagles

While I was spending my time today doing the Red Cross of Constantine Annual Report which has to be in by February 1 (No point in doing it ahead of time is there?) and not enjoying the 45 degree weather my friend Bob was over by Frasier, Iowa North West of Boone taking pictures of eagles. We are very fortunate that this magnificent raptor has come back and still a part of our environment.

Did I mention that I was working on Annual Reports? I also had to get the one for Grand Lodge in. I could not get the form to go in on the computer so I had to print it off and mail it in. Not only that but the Web form did not print every page and I lost it and had to do it all over again. Such fun - NOT! Oh well they are done now and if they are wrong someone named Norma will let me know.

Then, of course GWB gave his last State of the Union speech tonight. I didn't watch it because I had other things to do. Jon brought my camera back and was here for a little while. I also wasn't in the mood to have my blood pressure go up. I will read the reviews on my blogs that I read tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy the pictures from Bob and this little cartoon which George Carr sent to me just as I was needing something to finish this entry with. Great Big Hugs, j

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Dianne said...

I watched the state of the union because I wanted to celebrate that it was his LAST!

I did find myself hugging myself and rocking back and forth.