Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bob's Photos

Bob got up before sunrise this morning to go looking for sun dogs. He drove around in his car and got these spectacular sunrise shots. As he was doing this I was driving to Des Moines on the Interstate and I can attest to the way the sky looked. Clear, cold, no clouds and the pink of the sunrise frosting the horizon. Beautiful!

It was - 10 degrees out there.

He didn't find any sun dogs but he got these nice pictures of sun "horses."

I don't much feel like posting today. Things happen that make me sad from time to time and it happened again today. So I will have a "pity party tonight" and mourn a lost friendship and hopefully I will get past it. Be nice to each other and don't treat others the way I got treated today. It might be nice if I knew what it was that I had done. I need to make some changes in my will, etc. Oh well. You are still loved. Hugs, j

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Dianne said...

Perhaps you didn't do anything Jay. We are not responsible for the behavior of others - only for how we allow that behavior to make us feel. Trust me - I know that is easier said than done.

The photos are amazing - the horses look mythical (is that a word?) and Bob is a wonderful photographer - please tell him so for me.

You are still loved as well :)