Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Dinkey

The Ames Historical Society held a lecture program this evening. My friend and elementary classmate, Dennis Wendell spoke on "All the Smoke and Cinders You'll Ever Want - Ames & College Railway's Dinkey.
This picture of the Dinkey is stolen from their Web Site and if you click on it you will be taken to a list of the prsentations for this season The Dinkey was a steam powered railroad which ran between the city of Ames and Iowa State University which were two miles apart to "limit the distraction of students." It cost 5 cents to ride each way. It was built because enterprising Ames businessmen thought that they, not the College, should be making money housing and feeding the students.

The donation recepticle - A much better use than the original use of this spitoon.

The Historical Society has many items for sale. The shirts are really nice looking.
Aunt Jo and Cousin Georgia were also in the audience. Pretty good looking gals!
They started the program with an authentic noise. The whistle was not from the Dinkey but was very much like the ones used on it.
This is a model of the Dinkey that is used at the Reimen Gardens at Iowa State. In the foreground is a piece of rail - all that remains of the Dinkey. The Dinkey ceased operation in 1907 and was melted for scrap metal which was used for armaments in the first world war.

I snapped this picture of Dennis as he was taking his coat off. I also took one of him beside the podium looking professorial but I jiggled the camera and it did not come out. I think this is a great shot. Dennis is the Curator of collections for the Historical Society. They would appreciate donations.

This was also an Iowa State University Sesquicentennial event. The University is 150 years old this year. (Now you can say "Well Duh! Jay that is what SSesquicentennial means." Double Duh!)

It was a very good presentation and I enjoyed myself a lot. Today was one of those days I learned something, I encourage you to visit the Society headquarters. I am going down and spend some money one of these days. Remember you are loved. Hugs, j

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