Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shocking Custody Case

Thanks to Butch for this news item.

Minneapolis, MN (AP) -A seven-year old boy was at the center of
a Douglas County courtroom drama today when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible.

The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him.

After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Minnesota Vikings, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.


Anonymous said...

Six weeks ago, this story would have been appropriate for the New York Giants. And look where they are, The Super Bowl. So... miracles can happen.

And really, winning isn't what's important. What is important is that whenever the Dallas Cowboys lose, it's a great day. When they lose badly, it's an even better day. I'm not sure if it was better having them lose in the playoffs or lose in the Superbowl.

Jay Simser said...

Yes, but you know me. I could care less about Sports and sports teams. They have never done a thing for me. I know that some people enjoy them. I just enjoy the humor in the joke. You could have put any team in there and I would not know the difference.

Dianne said...

Oh I'm getting slow in my old age! I had to read the story twice before I got it LOL - I was worried about the little boy!!!

I love football but this Super Bowl is hard for me. The only thing I hate more than the Giants is the Pats. What will I do?

Anonymous said...

Ignore the game. Watch the commercials. That's the best part anyway, since most Superbowls are inferior football games. Plus, if you watch the commercials really close, you will be prepared when you get you tax rebate from Uncle Sam.

gpa don said...

Groan---you had me all the way to the last sentence! :)