Monday, January 28, 2008

Ice Skating

The U. S. Figure Stating Championships were on this week-end. I always try to watch but I was busy this week-end so I had to tape it. I had forgotten just how annoying the commentators were. they seem to think that they have to comment on everything and when I just want to watch and listen to the music their annoying voices just spoil it for me. Scott Hamilton particularly restates the obvious and his voice needs a lot of work. Ok, Ginny I know you won't agree with me but that is all right. It is my blog. j

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Anonymous said...

Ice skating? You need a lot of tolerance or acceptance or whatever to watch that.

Now I was watching the Winter X-games on ESPN the other night. What can be more impressive or moving than watching grown men (overgrown boys?) do jumps and FLIPS on snowmobiles. It brought tears to my eyes.

And the sleds make their own music, so the announcers have to talk REALLY LOUD to be heard over the engines. Why slide around under human power when you can make a racket, burn fossil fuel, contribute to global warming (could use some this winter), and generally raise the testosterone level of the watchers. Too cool, man. It makes me proud to be a 21st century human male.

(Only slightly tongue in cheek. I really did enjoy watching it. I can hardly wait until mid February when the NHRA drag races start up again. What could be more interesting to an engineer or a mechanic or to any enlightened power freak than watching somebody try to harness 8000+ horsepower to the ground through two (or sometimes one for the bikes) tire, and launch themselves down the track, reaching more than 300 miles per hour in 1/4 mile and a little over 4 seconds.)